What is MiraBox

Mira is a web service and plugin for cryptocurrency wallets that allows you to pack and unpack cryptocurrencies into a special file, MiraBox.

It acts as a regular file that can be downloaded, kept on a computer or a usb drive as well as can be sent via e-mail, Telegram, or in any other way off-chain.

Features of MiraBox containers

Secure tokens storage
On a computer, a flash drive or a user cloud.
Transfers cryptocurrency
Outside of the blockchain.
Hiding the contents
The encrypted file is anonymous - only its creator knows what is inside.
Availability of special conditions for opening 
For example, not before a certain date, or if the rate for bitcoin is greater than a certain value.
Unpack with confirmation 
Via email, telegram or sms.
Types of MiraBox container
A container with one type of cryptocurrency included.
A container with a configurable number of different supported cryptocurrencies.
A MultiBox with integrated smart contracts that allow the setting of various conditions for opening/extracting (currency rate, third-party confirmation, specific date, etc).

What can SmartBox do?

Conditions for opening can be specified when creating a file, for example:
  • You can only open a container after a certain date and time (for example, not before 31.12.2020 00:00);
  • It is possible to set the opening conditions to depend on the rate of any cryptocurrency being more or less than a certain value;
  • Possible to open if BTC / BCC / ETH / ETC (supported currencies) rates are greater or less than user-defined values;
  • Only a recipient can open it (confirmable via email, Telegram and / or telephone);
  • Any smart contracts are no longer valid after a certain date.
And this is only the beginning! We will create a platform for developers that will expand the possibilities of MiraBox almost limitlessly.

Mira’s components


An online service designed for working with MiraBox containers.


MiraWallet Desktop is an open source program on GitHub, designed to work with containers in case MiraLab.io is unavailable.

MiraWallet Mobile is an application for iOS and Android with wallet functions.


MiraNet is a blockchain based on Ethereum, which provides the service.


An online service for work with MiraBox
All the features of MiraBox in one service. With a few clicks, you can:
  • Buy a ready-made MiraBox containing preset amounts (0.1 ETH, 0.01 BTC, etc.);
  • Buy MiraBox for arbitrary amounts;
  • Unpack a MiraBox and send the contents to a desired wallet;
  • Save the MiraBox and send it at the right time to a recipient;
  • Create MiraBox with special unpacking conditions.

MiraWallet Desktop and Mobile

More than a wallet
MiraWallet Desktop is an open source program on GitHub, to work with containers if miralab.io is unavailable.

MiraWallet Mobile is an application for iOS and Android with wallet functions.

Convenient work with MiraBox:
  • Includes all MiraLab functions;
  • Functions for the easy sending and receipt of cryptocurrency, similar to wallets;
  • Integration with popular exchanges and online wallets;
  • Display the total account balance summarizing all the MiraBox in a user cloud;
  • Two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator, SMS, Telegram, etc.);
  • Secure MiraBox storage due to the connection of any user cloud.

Key features of MiraBox:

You can only open the content of a MiraBox if you know the password, and if the terms of the smart contract are met.
Clear smart contracts
The facility to set conditions for opening and working with MiraBox via a simple and intuitive interface.
An open MiraBox can be downloaded to MiraLab or MiraWallet and you can find out exactly what's inside. The key data is stored on the MiraNet blockchain. However, without having a PIN code or fulfilling the terms of a smart contract, you cannot access the content.
If the domain miralab.io is unavailable for any reason, you can open a MiraBox in the desktop or mobile version of the MiraWallet application. MiraWallet is always available for download on GitHub.
It's easy to transfer and store, because this is a regular file.
All software has open source code and is hosted on GitHub.
A MiraBox does not contain data about its creator, and can be opened anywhere in the world. To buy or sell MiraBox, you do not have to create an account or a wallet.


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