What is MiraBox

The key element of the service is MiraBox, the encrypted container file, that can store one or multiple types of tokens off-chain, providing better protection for savings than any third-party storage, like exchanges or wallets. Buying and sending cryptocurrencies in MiraBox is as simple as downloading and sending a regular file, which makes it available for users with any level of technical expertise.

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Types of MiraBox containers


A container with one type of cryptocurrency included.


A container with a configurable number of different supported cryptocurrencies.


A MultiBox with integrated smart contracts that allow the setting of various conditions for opening/extracting (currency rate, third-party confirmation, specific date, etc).

Features of MiraBox containers


It's easy to transfer and store, as this is a regular file, that can be transferred off-chain.


MiraBox does not contain data about its creator, and can be opened anywhere in the world. To buy or sell MiraBox, you do not have to create an account or a wallet. In a case of Private MiraBox, the content is completely hidden.


You can open the content only knowing the password and under the terms of smart contract, which can optionally be added to MiraBox.


The software development process is open to public and available at GitHub via the link: https://github.com/mira-lab/.


An open MiraBox can be downloaded to MiraWallet, and you can find out exactly what's inside. The key data is stored on the MiraNet blockchain. However, without having a PIN code or fulfilling the terms of a smart contract, you cannot access the content.

Verified smart contracts for any cryptocurrency or digital asset

Every smart contract that is executed in MiraNet is approved by the Mira Association, so only reliable smart contracts come into the network that can be applied to any digital assets. To do this, just place it in MiraBox, and apply a smart contract to it.

Visual composer of smart contracts for any token or document packed in MiraBox

Combination of the opening conditions (for example: confirmation from third parties, happening of a certain date or event, etc.).

Cross-blockchain Interaction

Users exchange not tokens, but private keys.

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We highly recommend starting out with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
Why? So, you will get the valuable information on how the core features of the platform work.
We will be very grateful for your feedback as you could help us to discover the elements that could work better.

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