Mira platform integrates seamlessly into existing business processes and systems, streamlining workflow and lowering costs, all while increasing compliance and reducing the time to complete key interactions, including payment collection.

Financial and Banking Sector

(banks, off-exchange market, stock auction organizers, credit institutions)
About two thirds of all financial transactions keep rolling out off-exchange market. Mira offers an innovative proprietary platform for running over-the-counter transactions and accepting cryptocurrency to serve as collateral (with the possibility of arbitration, but excluding the withdrawal of assets).

What are the benefits:


The commission of third parties (arbitrators) is indicated in the Mira platform while creating transactions. It is transparent for all participants of a deal.

Use cases:

  1. Over-the-counter pending order / forward-delivery - are used in cases of outsourcing or contract management, when the deal requires some time, and the contracting authority doesn not want to bear the risks. Funds are placed to MiraBox. The "arbitrator" can transfer funds to any of the parties of agreement, but does not possess any possibility enables the withdrawal of funds independently, without having applied for such a permit.
  2. The reception of cryptocurrency as collateral. It is proposed to create a MiraBox, in which collateral cryptocurrency is placed. Only the creditor can open the content of the MiraBox if the borrower does not return the funds by strictly specified dates and terms.


Mira’s solution integrated into businesses of legal institutions can help streamline processes, improve the ability to serve customers, and avoid delays by automating contracts and agreements, saving time and reducing the rekeying of data. MiraBox is similar to a sealed envelope that can contain any digital asset or document. Mira provides a platform for creating and storing secure documents through the smart contract technology.

What are the benefits:

Revenue / (remuneration):

ICO, Mining

The wallet for storing any coin. To pay with any of them, you can send a MiraBox with the relevant cryptocurrency, or convert it through Mira Exchange. Now there is no need in payment to dozens of different exchanges for listing. It's enough to list on one of the exchanges supported by Mira Exchange, and add a coin to Mira Wallet; thus, it will become available for purchase and exchange on hundred thousand devices.

What are the benefits:

Arbitrage / The Arbitrage Service

Mira provides a platform with the service of creation transactions, which could not itself have an access to funds, but only acts as an arbitrator. Decentralized platform performance ensures credibility to the service among participants, serves as a protective mechanism, and facilitates effective data sharing.

Arbitrator can create transactions, but is unable to withdraw the funds, and nonetheless, he can make decisions one way or another depending on the specific transaction.

Charitable Sector

Mira is an effective tool for generating charitable donations. MiraBox, an encrypted file, can be opened only by the recipient (a physical person or legal entities - a group of persons). Special conditions for opening and working of MiraBox can be set in smart contract via a simple and intuitive interface.

Exchanges / Content Shops

Mira provides a platform for creating secure transactions between the seller and buyer, in which the digital assets are not transferred to the buyer, until funds are credited to the account. Such a platform can be used for both p2b and p2p transactions, where the customer's website acts itself as a platform for such transactions.

Thus, the Mira platform is applicable for any business, where the sale or exchange of digital assets are the indispensable complements of the process, and there is no confidence among parties of a deal, or if the case requires transparency of all processes.


(shops, content providers)
Mira provides a decentralized core for the platform. Any transaction with digital assets (for example, the p2p exchange of BTC for ETC, or in a case of  content sale for a cryptocurrency) becomes transparent and secure for all the parties of a deal.


Totalizators / Casinos / The Betting Services
The transparent random number generator.

Visual composer of smart contracts. What makes it so special?Once the developer has designed the clear smart contract, it becomes available in the Mira market. “Visual set” makes the working algorithms of MiraBox transparent to users.  Moreover, such a MiraBox can contain a configurable number (one or several) of different supported cryptocurrencies or arbitrary files.

Then a developer and node receive the percents for the use of such a smart contract. Thus, all have a stake in creating a decent product.